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Pedagogy first…

By T & L 8 Comments

Michael Fullan is credited with the phrase, “Pedagogy is the driver, technology is the accelerator”. He’s right¬†on the money as far as I’m concerned. Following a recent TeachMeet presentation at Tom Sherrington’s school in London, I was inspired by a presentation by Oliver Caviglioli in which he talked about a…

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In defence of technicians

By T & L 11 Comments

So it seems that my post from last week caused a bit of a furore among technicians; no surprise there I guess given the title although some¬†(wrongly) saw the post as a strategic and personal attack upon those in technical roles in schools. Having read through many¬†pages of forum posts…

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Low access, high challenge

By T & L 4 Comments

The thing is, in education, for both students and teachers, using technology can be quite a complicated thing. Evangelists (where has that term come from?) can go on about the amazing features of devices and how you can create amazing things with them. Yes, you can… but actually – is…

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