Pedagogy first

Technology isn't a silver bullet;
plan for its use carefully.


Pedagogy first

Innovative and purposeful use of
technology linked to pedagogy,
at the heart of everything I do.


My Passion For Education Transfers Into My Work

Given my 20+ years in education, particularly in the whole school leadership of ICT across the curriculum and teaching of Computing you’d think I was all about the technology – not true. The focus is always on teaching and learning. The strength of great teaching and learning is to know when to (or not to) use technology to enhance learning and this is where I can really help.

I got into teaching to make a difference in the world and it’s a real privilege to be able to work with educators and schools to help, support and share in the way that I do. I’d love to be able to come and share some of my knowledge and experience with you.

Will the technology enhance learning?

If the answer is no, then you probably shouldn’t be using the technology. Learning (with technology) is too important (and expensive) to leave to chance. That’s where I come in – to work closely with you to develop pedagogy first approaches linked to ideas such as SAMR and TPACK to ensure teachers are able to feel confident to make informed decisions about what technology to use in the classroom. My experience of working and supporting many schools with their digital learning journey will be invaluable to you in making informed decisions about how you move forward.

Simply the best CPD I’ve ever had. Refreshing ideas grounded in pedagogy with so much to take away.

How Can I Help?


I can deliver bespoke teaching and learning with or without technology training in your school. Whether it’s a department or all of your staff, whether it’s Google, Apple or more widespread ‘edtech’. Whether you’re looking to support middle leaders to develop their leadership knowledge and practice… I can work with you to develop the training and professional learning you and your teams need to make your planned impact. 

I have worked closely with many schools to deliver training tailored to meet their needs. I don’t do events with more than one organisation per day so you will be guaranteed my undivided attention while I am working with you. My feedback for events is exemplary as noted on various pages on this site and regularly commented upon on social media.

People often find working with and learning with technology to be geeky, difficult, boring and not relevant. My approach to training with technology makes it immediately relevant to teachers and I always focus on the learning which is of course how it should be.


I have delivered many whole school Inset sessions on both half and full day engagements in both Primary and Secondary. Topics have included raising standards through the use of technology, developing the Primary Maths curriculum, developing staff confidence in using iPad and Google Apps, Chromebooks and more.

I will work closely with you to build a bespoke Inset solutions that meets your needs. Inset time is a rare opportunity to inspire, impact and train teachers to improve standards. I never want to leave that to chance. Schools that book me for their events do so safe in the knowledge they’ve made a solid choice.

“Thanks for such an amazing day at our conference. You inspired teachers with different levels of confidence and expertise.” – Caroline Creaby, Assistant Headteacher, Sandringham School.


I have much experience of working with leadership teams on developing their technology strategy. An informed decision is a good one. Use my experience, knowledge and expertise to help you.

There are lots of ways in which that can work. I offer three packages (below) but the size of my business means that I am completely flexible to meet the needs of your school. I have experience of supporting Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sector schools.

One-off visit: a one-off visit to help support your plans

Critical friend: an agreed number of visits with the opportunity to get support along the way by email  to support you in realising your vision

Part of the team: as above but a year long sequence of visits which see me work closely with leadership and teachers to help realise your vision.

Conference Keynote

I have keynoted at conferences all over the world. For me, the keynote is a very special opportunity to inspire and innovate with a large group of people. If you’re looking for that special introduction for your conference please do not hesitate to get in touch. I am always happy to build in workshops into days that you have me in for a keynote.

“Mark’s keynote was engaging and interactive, coupled with his great stage presence, it has only received positive feedback. Mark’s breakout sessions were just as successful. He not only introduces the tools, but also gives many practical creative lesson ideas for its use in classrooms aligned to meeting teaching outcomes. I would not hesitate to work with Mark again in the future.” – Corey Aylen, Teach Tech Play Conference Organiser, Melbourne, Australia.
Keynotes completed since January 2015
Training sessions undertaken since January 2015
Educators worked with since January 2015
Positive feedback from clients since January 2015

Mark is a true edtech pioneer and a constant source of innovation, inspiration and support. The response to the sessions Mark delivered as keynote speaker at the JESS Digital Innovation Summit and subsequently for our staff at JESS Dubai was universally positive. His friendly demeanour and personalised approach to working with each department meant that staff were fully engaged and left sessions eager to put his ideas into practice.

Steve BamburyHead of Digital Learning and Innovation - JESS Dubai

Mark's keynote was engaging and interactive, coupled with his great stage presence, it has only received positive feedback. Mark's breakout sessions were just as successful. He not only introduces the tools, but also gives many practical creative lesson ideas for its use in classrooms aligned to meeting teaching outcomes. I would not hesitate to work with Mark again in the future.

Corey AylenTeach Tech Play Conference Organiser, Melbourne, Australia

One of the most compelling reasons we continue to work with Mark is that he comes with an open mind and is able to generate endless possibilities – he’s vibrant and innovative - anything is possible! His ability to carve out a personalised program of development that reflects our vision and pedagogy has had a hugely positive impact on the teaching and learning in our school. His passion for real world learning and pupil engagement reflects ours; combining this with his wealth of experience and knowledge has brought into alignment our curriculum vision and the needs of our children. We can’t wait for his next visit.

Jo DoyleDeputy Head - Great Denham Primary School

I have been very fortunate to attend several events where Mark has been the keynote speaker, both in the UK and UAE. He is always engaging, informative and inspiring and I always learn something new, exciting and useful. His passion for technology, teaching and learning is evident and contagious! He has transformed my teaching and informed my practice. I have learnt so much from him and also as a result my pupils have gained too. I can also highly recommend his book.

Kate JonesHead of History - Brighton College Al Ain

Mark is a wealth of knowledge on using ICT effectively to support learning. He is always willing to offer advice and share ideas. I recently attended one of his CPD days at which I gained a deeper insight into the incredible world of educational apps. I came away totally inspired and buzzing with new ideas. I would highly recommend working with Mark.

Cathy YoungOur Lady of Mount Carmel RC Primary, Doncaster

Mark has enabled us to develop programmes and courses at a more strategic level, influencing school leaders.

Emma OvertonPrimary Trust Director and Headteacher

Mark always starts with pedagogy! The success of the 2 days working with us has resulted with schools in our neighbouring LEA wanting us to hold similar events & a KidsMeet too! Mark's passion for education was evident at all times & I love learning from him!

Claire JonesAssistant Headteacher, Layton Primary

Your keynote and workshops were entertaining and inspirational, and valued enormously. The keynote was fantastic, and really started our day off with a buzz.

Julie ParkerConference organiser, Derbyshire Advisory & Inspection Service

Having had the pleasure of working with Mark at a conference recently I would wholeheartedly recommend his training. His ideas are current, highly engaging and are simple to use! They can be easily adapted to engage children in all areas of their learning. I am excited to put his recommendations into my everyday practice, share with my school and better the education of my pupils. Thank you Mark!

Rebecca WantL. E. A. D. Huntingdon Academy Primary School, Nottingham

Mark is a world class educator. He brings magic in to the learning experience and shows how modern tools can amplify what teachers can do in the classroom.

Abdul ChohanFounder of The Olive Tree School. Former CEO of Essa Foundation Academies Trust

Having followed Mark’s blog for some time now, it was a pleasure to work with him at an inset. Beyond his published works, he presented a wealth of ideas and personalised the session. It was clear that he considered our vision carefully and presented strategies to work towards our goals. I highly recommend Mark to any organisation looking to begin, extend or refine their use of technology to impact learning.

Martha McClearyHead of Digital Literacy and Computing - Foremarke Dubai