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Remixing great lessons: Probing

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Great lessons have key characteristics. Many edu-bloggers have discussed this but for me, the one person that nails it is as discussed in my introductory post to this series is Tom Sherrington. In his series he discusses the topic in some detail across ten posts. In my series I will be looking at…

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Remixing great lessons – an introduction

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Great lessons have key characteristics. Many edu-bloggers have discussed this but for me, the one that nails it is Tom Sherrington where he discusses the topic in some detail in his ‘Great Lessons‘ series on his brilliant blog. He breaks these down in to ten key areas: Probing (questioning) Rigour (pitch and tone of…

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On purposeful use of technology

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If you haven’t noticed, whilst I love technology and its propensity to enhance learning, for me it always has to be purposeful. I’ve written at some length about it previously but I thought a handy checklist might be, well… handy. So I made this. Please forgive the brevity of the…

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Lessons from neuroscience

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Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting Andrew Curran who delivered a two hour session on the brain and the lessons we can learn from neuroscience to inform our practice in the classroom. In this post, I wouldn’t dream of trying to replicate his vast knowledge, but thought I’d share some…

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What makes a quality tutor?

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My school experience was somewhat different to most. Attending a select boys school meant that things were all a bit traditional. Teachers desks were literally on pedestals and we were to be seen but not heard. I really do struggle to remember who my tutors were now when I was…

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Get in line!

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Forgive me for the non-sexy post, but sometimes, routines are just really important. Sorry too as the title to this post could be more explicit, but it strikes me that as teachers it’s really important that we ensure that we’re giving a students considerable support and focus in our lessons….

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Analogue & Digital Differentiation

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Differentiation can take place in lots of different ways. The old classics are differentiation by outcome and differentiation by task, but these, like many methods, can be really teacher heavy. I certainly remember working hours and hours to create and adapt work for individual students in my classes. It took…

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