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Check out today’s #24DaysOfAI entry on the #Appvent calendar for a superb AI-enhanced design tool with great features for teachers

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Welcome to day seven of the 2023 Appvent calendar where today we will focus on a tool we’ve shared on the Appvent calendar before – Microsoft Designer! As you’ll have read on the previous day’s posts, with the furore around the usefulness of AI within EdTech, we decided this year…

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So What? So That… Tackling Bloom’s 2 Sigma Problem Through AI in Education

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In 1984, Benjamin Bloom’s research brought to light a key educational insight with his 2 Sigma Problem. He discovered that students who received one-to-one tutoring performed significantly better than those in conventional classroom settings. This ‘2 Sigma’ improvement highlighted the efficacy of personalised instruction. The challenge since then has been…

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AI in Education: The IDEAL Framework for Informed Learning

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With many questioning whether or not students get to use AI to support their learning, the truth is, they will be. Therefore, in an effort to help young people frame their digital citizenship in using these tools, I wanted to create a resource that was easy to remember and encapsulated…

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18 ChatGPT Prompts for Subject Leaders – AI in Education

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AI in Education is an important consideration for all. From time-saving efficiencies to impactful approaches to help learning and teaching, it’s a powerful tool in a teacher’s arsenal. But what about those in middle and senior leadership? In this post, I explore ways in which AI in Education can help…

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