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Educational Technology

Leadership Coaching

School leaders are driving change processes in teaching and learning in ways they might not have envisaged when they started their careers...

Educational Technology Leadership Coaching

Mark provides coaching for educational leaders. The rapidly changing face of modern, research-informed learning adds different pressures to educational leaders. Areas such as funding, technical support, professional development, parent and community communication, security, online safety, ethical and legal issues. Working with Mark will enable you to have digital learning leadership dialogues with colleagues for impact.

With his broad experience in this sector including 20 years as a teacher, middle and senior leader, Mark understands the demands of the 21st century school and 21st century leadership. Mark can advise and will help you answer the question of “how do we get there?” Mark will ask questions, listen, facilitate goal setting and accountability, and provide authentic professional coaching to meet today’s leadership challenges. Part of Mark's coaching also includes ways in which you can use technology to improve your work/life balance and wellbeing as well as techniques to share with colleagues to help them too.

Many leaders consult with experts when they sometimes haven't got capacity within their existing team. By working with Mark you'll be able to tap into 20+ years of experience in developing successful use of education technology.

Technology has the potential to make everything different. It also has the potential to change nothing. Which one you end up with depends on the extent to which you pick the brains of people as experienced and gifted as Mark Anderson when it comes to introducing learning technologies into the classroom.

A former assistant head teacher responsible for e-learning, award-winning blogger, Apple Distinguished Educator and a Google Certified Teacher, Mark’s philosophy is that learning technologies are a means by which learning can be enhanced for all, regardless of the classroom, the teacher and the learner. But you do need to do it right.

Through his online presence, his public appearances and his book, Perfect ICT Every Lesson, Mark has a reputation for being the man you most need to work with when it comes to ensuring the money and effort you put into your teaching and learning and technology actually make a difference to the learning.

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Areas we cover:


Work with Mark to help you develop a realistic and sustainable vision for teaching and learning with technology.


Unpick strategies to help you get the right team around you on your edtech journey.


Decide upon the ways you will involve your whole community with your strategy and vision.


Ensure through close working with your SBM the project you undertake will be affordable, sustainable and worthwhile given budgets available. The cost of implementing education technology successfully isn’t just the cost of devices. It’s important to know what’s involved from an impartial voice who won’t push one particular product and keep learning and pupils at the front of their thoughts.


Learning is the focus in any elearning strategy. Work with Mark to develop effective, consistent strategies for all teachers to deploy in their classrooms with pupils to have an impact upon standards. Ensuring that the infrastructure of your technology supports what you want to do is clear. Mark will be able to advise you on where your focus should be.


Effective CPD is what we do. If it’s not going to have an impact on standards and be possible for staff to implement, it’s probably not worth doing. Making sure you have effective teaching and learning taking place that’s founded in the goals, interests and needs of your pupils is key if you want to reap the benefits of edtech. Work with Mark Anderson to make it work in your school.

Mark listened to what we wanted to do and helped us plan out a ‘road map’ to get there. Mark was brilliant at keeping us on the right path and keeping us true to our ‘why’. He was able to take our ‘why’ and show us ‘how’ this could happen. The teachers felt incredibly supported and guided by the work Mark did with them as he made it easy for them to see how little things can have the greatest impact. Mark has a catch phrase ‘Keep IT Simple’- I couldn’t agree more.

Michelle ThomasFormer Executive Headteacher of New Wave Federation and National Leader of Education

Mark is a world class educator. He brings magic in to the learning experience and shows how modern tools can amplify what teachers can do in the classroom.

Abdul ChohanFounder of The Olive Tree School. Former CEO of Essa Foundation Academies Trust

One of the most compelling reasons we continue to work with Mark is that he comes with an open mind and is able to generate endless possibilities – he’s vibrant and innovative - anything is possible! His ability to carve out a personalised program of development that reflects our vision and pedagogy has had a hugely positive impact on the teaching and learning in our school. His passion for real world learning and pupil engagement reflects ours; combining this with his wealth of experience and knowledge has brought into alignment our curriculum vision and the needs of our children. We can’t wait for his next visit.

Jo DoyleDeputy Headteacher - Great Denham Primary School

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