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Resources and training documents I have created for a variety of training sessions

What I wish I knew then…

By CPD, T & L 4 Comments

With there being lots of discussion about NQT’s and students starting their PGCE courses, I thought I’d share a few things that I know now that I wish I had known when I first started teaching – hopefully they will be of some help. This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list…

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Reflecting upon TeachMeets

By CPD, TeachMeets One Comment

“TeachMeet at Clevedon works because people believe in it”   That was the recent reflection on TeachMeet Clevedon by Jen Ludd on her blog here which in many ways has prompted me to write this post. Not a rebuttal, but a celebration of TeachMeets, TeachMeet culture, where it has come from,…

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Pedagoo Newcastle

By Conferences, CPD One Comment

After a pretty long trek up to Newcastle Uni for the event, I arrived with the usual nervous excitement that always comes before an event of this nature. What I was presented with was yet another fantastic group of teachers giving up their time and weekend to share their experiences,…

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iPad 104 – the learning

By CPD, iPad, T & L 14 Comments

Innovative uses of technology are fantastic but at its core, the daily business of using technology to support learning has to be based around sound thinking and critical pedagogy. Are the foundations there to build transformational learning opportunities? Do the staff (and students) have the skills in order for them…

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