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Resources and training documents I have created for a variety of training sessions

ICT to engage learners

By CPD 2 Comments
I was lucky to be given the opportunity to provide some training opportunities for staff at the school I work at today on some of the many different amazing tools that are out there for people to use in their lessons to inspire, engage and help focus students on the…
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Little Book of ICT Ideas

By CPD, Little Book 1, T & L One Comment
I made a booklet recently for an INSET session I ran. If you'd like to check it out there are plenty of top sites reviewed and explained in the document. Find it here: Note - thanks to @EdintheClouds the above is not downloadable from Scribd but you can get…
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Twitter & my PLN

By CPD, T & L 4 Comments
Well, apart from this blog which will be updated regularly with thoughts, ponderings, news and ICT related things, I wanted to introduce you to the marvel that is Twitter. To be fair, most people have heard of Twitter - a way of following your favourite TV celebrity, music artist, politician,…
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