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February 7, 2020

FE Focus Webinar write up, coverage and feedback

The BETT show is not just about finding out about new technology, it's about the professional learning opportunities you can get and of course the networking. As this short poll I created last night on Twitter shows, people love to attend edtech events and it isn't just about the technology:…
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February 5, 2020

Interactive Periodic Table of #ARVRinEDU Apps for #iPadOS

I love being a teacher and working in education. In my role now I am very fortunate to work with educators as I do now. Wherever I travel in the world, people comment on the different periodic tables that I've made over the years. Even just this last week in…
January 20, 2020

Top five things to ask #edtech vendors at #BETT2020

With Bett upon us, it’s a great time to be thinking about what next for education technology. As you would expect, there has been a plethora of different articles and posts highlighting the best way to make the most of Bett. I should know as I’ve written enough of them…

Retrieval Practice Challenge Grid Templates

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In keeping with @87History’s popular retrieval practice challenge grids idea and linked post, I created some templates to help people. Retrieval Practice Challenge Grids to use this term – pupils to answer questions based on previous subject content. Recap, recall & revise! #TeachUAEchat #PedagooFriday #AussieEdchat #UKEdchat 🇦🇪📚 pic.twitter.com/yCWOGZOPdk — Kate Jones…

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