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Welcome to Day 20 of the #24DaysOfAI #Appvent calendar where today we share a great tool with #AI baked in to help with quizzing and more, @GoFormative

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Welcome to day twenty of the 2023 Appvent calendar where today we will focus on Formative. AI tool of the day: Formative is a popular platform for creating engaging assessment tools.  Recently, Formative has incorporated an AI content generator tool (currently in beta mode) which makes it easier for teachers…
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FREE CPD >> Five Evidence-Informed Uses of #Edtech To Help Get Online Learning Right

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A few months ago I was approached by Seneca to deliver a Teachmeet (as a webinar) as part of their TeachMeet series. When I agreed and was asked what I would like to share about I thought what better way than to share some evidence-informed approaches to using technology. I…
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Support Retrieval Practice simply using this free quizzing tool

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If you haven’t read about using retrieval and spaced practice in recent years, that’s fine. Retrieval Practice is linked to the idea that by regularly revisiting learning content, you will help flatten out your ‘forgetting curve’ a la Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve. Along with Spaced Practice, these key pieces of information…
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