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Who am I to judge? #UKBA17

By Blogs
Back in 2015 I got through to the final of the UK Blog Awards in the Education section and I only went and won it! This year however I am one of the judges - eek! I haven't received the rules and regulations yet but I'm sure they will be…
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An Apple for the teacher?

Are you a school or educator using Apple technologies?   Chances are that if you are a school or educator with iPads or other Apple technology, you'll want some decent opportunities for CPD. If you're in this position then Apple have come up with something I'm confident you'll be interested…
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Positively Powerful Impact

By iPad apps One Comment
I read an article this week about tracking behaviour in school. I think that tracking pupil behaviour is a good thing. Attitudes towards learning have a massive impact upon how much learning actually takes place. Different schools have different approaches and that’s fine, you don't have to do it digitally…
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