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I’m starting my own business

By ICT 7 Comments

As Debra Kidd wrote in her blog post ‘When you know it’s time to go‘, I’ve reached a similar point in my career too and am leaving the classroom. It’s not because of Ofsted… There are some considerable pressures in our education community today. In the case of Ofsted, I…

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Half term happiness

By T & L 5 Comments

It’s a great opportunity to recharge your batteries after a busy half term. Term 5 is always the busiest term for me. Coursework, exam preparations, all of it… it makes for a very busy period. I have always thought though that making time to make yourself happy and those around…

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V-blogging in your classroom

By iPad 2 Comments

You might have got a handle on the advantages of blogging in your classroom, and the many pros of giving your students a public audience for their work, however have you considered adding V-blogging to your armoury of tools to engage your class? A relatively new Video-blogging (V-blog) app that…

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Teachers’ Standards

By CPD 3 Comments

Like Zoë Elder, I’m doing some work around Teachers’ Standards at the moment. Following on from seeing her collection of ‘Quipio‘ posters in a post here, I thought I’d make my own to use both electronically in presentations and to print out a bit bigger and use elsewhere, such as…

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Oh man…..

By ICT One Comment

Oh man…. A pun I know but what a time I’ve had. I’ve been completely overwhelmed by my trip this week and so when people have been asking me how my trip went, I really do feel like saying that. It was amazing. When someone first asks you if you’d…

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