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ICT for you, ICT for them, ICT for learning

By January 28, 20142 Comments

As mentioned in my post previously here about the hashtag #MobilePGCE where I asked Tweachers to give advice to trainee teachers about why they might want to use technology, I mentioned I was running a session with trainees on that topic.

I broke the session down in to four distinct areas:

1. ICT to transform your CPD (e.g. Twitter)

2. ICT to transform your productivity (tools such as Pinterest)

3. ICT to transform learning in your classroom (looking at pedagogies such as SAMR and confidence of teachers)

4. ICT to transform student learning activities in the classroom (use of tools such as Explain Everything, Nearpod, and Socrative)

Not that this is mentioned clearly in the Prezi below which carries the themes and some of the resources from the session but it was made very clear (as should be the case, I believe) that for all the amazing tech that is out there, it is imperative that we don’t use it for the sake of using it. Its use MUST be purposeful – else what is the point? So to that end, we discussed lots of other great analogue teaching and learning ideas to rival the tech ideas too.

Many many many thanks to all of the teachers in my PLN who supported the session with their feedback on #MobilePGCE and #edtechtools – your feedback and tweets were invaluable to it being a great session. Thank you.

The two Storify stories can be found below too:

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