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Explain Everything for superb student feedback

By December 2, 201314 Comments

Those of you that know me will know that I’ve been a massive fan of Explain Everything for a very long time now. It’s widely regarded as one of the best apps for learning on iPad and quite rightly so. As a device for supporting flipped learning it is brilliant. It’s also superb as a tool for getting students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. It’s a serious piece of kit.

Prior to a recent training session with staff I asked Twitter teachers how they use Explain Everything to support their teaching. Their responses can be found on Storify here:


Two examples we looked at specifically came from @teamtait (Jon Tait) which included a piece of feedback he’d given a student:



…and another video of his which is one he made as part of his drive to develop flipped learning with his classes:



Once we had looked at these, staff had an opportunity to learn about the different features of Explain Everything;

  • what the different tools were,
  • how to record,
  • how to import a presentation or other document
  • how to render out the completed video
  • where to put/save it



Following on from this session and from some conversations on Twitter I’ve also made a bit of a screencast myself too which you can view below:



Mark Anderson

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