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Evidence-informed strategies with #edtech that work

By April 22, 2022No Comments

Anyone who knows my work in education and technology will know that it always starts with either the pedagogy or how it can improve systems and/or processes. A great starting point for that is to take a good long look at the evidence. This can come in many forms such as research studies, conversations with the many stakeholders within your setting, and explorations of what other schools in similar contexts are doing, among many other approaches.

It has been my great privilege for the last 6 months to work with Wolfgang Soeldner, Head of Global Education at i3 Technologies to support him and their work in the business. A significant part of that has seen me help him and the team develop what has become the #DigitallyGeniusSchool series of webinars which has featured, frankly, a veritable who’s who of awesome voices in education who seek to have impactful approaches to using technology in education.

Today marked the last episode of the series and it was an absolute corker.

Titled ‘Evidence-informed strategies with edtech that work‘ we had three guests on the episode who really do know what they’re talking about.

From Professor Cathy Lewin, a contributor to the EEF’s ‘Using Digital Technology in Education’ and researcher with 25 years experience in researching education technology, to Al Kingsley, all-round edu-sponge as he often refers to himself but with sage experience and knowledge riding both sides of the coin from successful edtech vendor as CEO at NetSupport to MAT chair and author of his ‘Secret Edtech Diary‘ and finally, my former colleague, coach and fantastic thinker and doer in education, ZoĆ« Elder – currently a PhD student, but also former teacher, LA advisor, SLT, author of ‘Full on Learning‘ and creator of Marginal Learning Gains.

The episode aimed to share lots of great resources, takeaways and thinking about what works in education with technology. The questions we posed were framed around this question flow:


From this, you’ll probably glean that not only was there a great conversation but lots of insights, approaches, ideas and nuggets were shared. So if you’re looking for some great takeaways for your school, I strongly recommend you check it out! Don’t just take my word for it, here are some of the reactions:

Want to watch it and check it out for yourself, then don’t hold back – here it is!


If you’re keen to access the other episodes in the series, covering Digital Ecosystem and Strategy, Active Learning, SEND, Hybrid Learning and more, drop me a note in the comments and I’ll get in touch when all of the resources from the episodes have finished being curated.

Mark Anderson

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