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Low access, high challenge

By T & L 4 Comments
The thing is, in education, for both students and teachers, using technology can be quite a complicated thing. Evangelists (where has that term come from?) can go on about the amazing features of devices and how you can create amazing things with them. Yes, you can... but actually - is…
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By EdTech, T & L 4 Comments
  There's been a fair bit of mention of the SAMR framework recently so I thought I'd share another rendition of the framework. I've always preferred looking at it in a vertical sense, moving upwards rather than a top down looking model. It makes more sense to me. What do…
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iPad 110 – Stakeholders

By ICT, iPad No Comments
Involving all stakeholders in any large scale school project is really important and it’s essential to remember this. Parents are no exception. I wouldn't say that we got everything right with what we did but certainly, involving parents in the project is something you should definitely do. It's particularly crucial…
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iPad 109 – mirroring

By iPad 9 Comments
I often get asked the question about mirroring your iPad and how you do it. Mirroring is the process of getting whatever is on your iPad screen on to a projector in your classroom or a TV / monitor elsewhere. There are a number of ways in which this can be…
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