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iPad 108 – staff

By iPad One Comment
I don't profess to have all of the answers with any of this, all I'm trying to do is share what seems to have worked for me (although colleagues could tell me otherwise!). I've found engaging with staff is something which is really important. Ripples created by conversations about apps and learning…
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iPad 104 – the learning

By CPD, iPad, T & L 14 Comments
Innovative uses of technology are fantastic but at its core, the daily business of using technology to support learning has to be based around sound thinking and critical pedagogy. Are the foundations there to build transformational learning opportunities? Do the staff (and students) have the skills in order for them…
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VJAY app for iPad

By iPad, iPad apps No Comments
    Ok, so apart from being really inspiring about what technology can do and perhaps for live mixing of tracks in a DJ style in Music lessons; and perhaps in Media lessons, or perhaps creating a video montage quickly and easily of Sports Day or a trip you've been…
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iPad and me

By iClevedon, ICT, iPad No Comments
In a time where the future of the subject I teach and the moniker I use here on my blog and on Twitter seems to be under constant attack (that's ICT if you hadn't worked it out) you'd think I'd find it difficult to find reasons to be cheerful. What's…
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SOLO, iPads and a win?

By iPad, T & L 7 Comments
One of my lessons this week required students to break down and get their heads around the summative project brief for their coursework. Historically I have found that despite completing a variety of activities to get students to engage in reading the instructions and breaking down what is required of…
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