Essential Teacher’s iPad Starter Kit

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Apple have just launched their essential teacher’s starter kit on App Store. Broken down in to two sections: prepare and teach, there are a number of staples there to get anyone up and running. Watch my intro video using the great new Adobe Voice here: http://voice.adobe.com/v/9shr472Xwoe Of course, Apple put…

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#TMEssex presentation 11/13

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Following requests for my presentation, please find a run down of what I went through below. I started by talking about the power of mobile learning (mlearning) by presenting from the back of the auditorium. Something which brought a few chuckles and waves (it was almost like a real class!)…

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My presentation from Dubai DESC TechFest 2013

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Below you’ll find my presentation from the DESC TechFest 2013 incorporating some inspiration from @gregkulowiec‘s blog in how I presented my presentation. The presentation itself talks through the basics of using Nearpod, then leads on to some ideas of using WordFoto (£1.49), Decide Now (69p) and Spreaker DJ (free). Check out the…

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