Essential Teacher’s iPad Starter Kit

By May 11, 2014 6 Comments

Apple have just launched their essential teacher’s starter kit on App Store.

Broken down in to two sections: prepare and teach, there are a number of staples there to get anyone up and running.

Watch my intro video using the great new Adobe Voice here: http://voice.adobe.com/v/9shr472Xwoe





Of course, Apple put all their iLife and iWork’s Apps in there too.

What would you include in your starter kit for teachers?

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  • Jo Badge says:

    I’ve just put a list together for our staff. Explain everything is essential, and something to arrange text and photos quickly – pic collage is easy to use. Bee bot as a simple way to introduce proramming and google earth for geography. I’ve also recommended Book Creator. I’d like to add a simple voice recorder that is the equivalent of the iPhone one but haven’t find one I like yet!

  • Chris says:

    I am a 1:1 iPad teacher – and have been for the past three years. You list some amazing apps. Apps I have used in my classroom. But I have been helping develop a free app I believe can help with any in a 1:1 iPad classroom. It is called Otus – it provides teachers and students a variety of tools in one easy to use app. From behavior tracking, to attendance, to random participation generator, to a bookshelf, to quizzes, tests, papers, assignments, polling blogging, presentstions and more. It has and will continue to help my class and I think it should be something to consider – to learn more contact me or visit otusplus.com

  • Gareth Excell says:

    I’m an ICT coordinator in a special school. Like the list of apps. There will always be arguments for more, but the one I would add is book creator. Lots of brilliant ways to access learners and provide independent learning opportunities.

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