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#AppSmashLive – a review and write up

By May 10, 20145 Comments

A few weeks ago I was talking with a few other educators on Twitter about App Smashing and ways in which iPad workflow could generate new levels of learning with iPads. It had come from a different conversation where thinking about the ways in which redefinition level learning could happen with technology and that App Smashing lends itself to SAMR.

App Smashing is:

A mashup of Apps in a workflow that combines the creation of different elements to a piece of work that generates a learning outcomes that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Having done a live ‘App off’ a few times with other educators, I thought a live App SmashSpeaking with a few educators on Twitter I thought a live App Smash would be pretty cool so I convened a live Google Hangout on Air with Michael Ha, Richard Wells, Joe Dale and Jenny Ashby.

You can view the live App Smash below:

More on SAMR here:

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