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Naace Impact Awards

By ICT 3 Comments
Naace, if you haven't heard of them, are a bit like Bafta for ICT education professionals and every year hold the Naace Impact Awards. Standing for the "National Association of Advisors for Computers in Education", every year they have awards to celebrate excellence and impact in the use of technology in education.…
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Esafety and student creativity

By ICT 5 Comments
Given the importance of keeping our young people safe, we've kicked off the year 7 curriculum with a series of lessons looking at digital citizenship and esafety. This gives students an opportunity to come in to the school and familiarise themselves with our learning systems. It tied in nicely with…
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ICT to support early years learning

By ICT 4 Comments
Looking for ICT to support early years learning? Here are some of the best rated tools out there and some free resources for teachers.   Teach Your Monster To Read Award winning website that helps young people practice their first steps in reading   Beluga Learning / Maths Brilliant site…
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