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A free app with wins for the teacher & wins for the student

By May 29, 201312 Comments


Moldiv – a free app with wins for the teacher & wins for the student

I don’t write about or recommend many apps but this is a free app with wins for the teacher & wins for the student. It’s really simple to use and has got some great features. It’s advertised as a picture collage app but really it is much more. It has some features too which you’d expect to find on paid apps such as Diptic.


  • Import your own photo backgrounds (filters such as Sepia & HDR available)
  • Add text (lots of fonts & features here)
  • Add extra images (for example putting a QR code on your design)
  • Add multiple layouts (as per Diptic – see image below)
  • Export to high resolutions (2176×3264)
  • Add stamps to your design
  • Share to camera roll, popular Social Media and open in another app

Here you can see page 1 of many of the different page layouts available:

Page layouts


There is a tidy little tutorial on how to use it here too:


Uses for teachers

  • Make your own high quality posters
  • Collage photos from a school trip
  • Compile images of learning in your classroom
  • Show the required stages of a process
  • Create certificates for student of week/month etc
  • Create mugshot galleries of your department/class/team for display

Uses for students

  • Record stages of a process eg recipe, experiment, project etc
  • Make posters to show understanding of a topic
  • Record thoughts
  • Collage notes
  • Make memes
  • Make top trumps cards
  • Make revision cards

Where you can really get some further wins happening is where you take existing memes you might have created, for example in another great free app ‘Quipio


Demonstration of how you can tie in work from Quipio in to Moldiv to develop your designs further

Rather than me go on, here are some examples of how I’ve used it so far:


Grab Moldiv here (for free).

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, @ICTEvangelist. Click here to learn more.