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Week 1 with my iPad in School

By June 13, 2011One Comment

So I have had my teacher iPad for 2 weeks now and you’ve seen one post already. That was written during the ½ term break, without having had the ability to really discuss the apps and usability in terms of real experience with students. Having been back at school now for a week I thought it the right time for a quick blog about what’s been cool…



I have to say, if you’re a Twitter person, the Twitter app for the iPad is brilliant. Intuitive, easy to use and stacked full of cool features, it’s been brilliant. I particularly like how when you click a link, the pages load up within the app as they do on the iPhone and in other apps, but due to the nice big screen on the iPad, it’s all very clear, easy to read and easy to bookmark from within the app. Nice.


In class, the Numbers app has been proving to be a useful tool to record discussions with students about their progress and issues they’re currently facing and things that I can help them with in subsequent lessons. The forms feature is great. Simply by setting up the sheet beforehand and then using the form to record details as I wander the classroom, it’s really really handy.


Pocket Informant HD

This app I believe will become more and more handy over time, particularly more to do with tasks than actual appointment keeping. That said, its nice clean interface which syncs with the Exchange server appointments, via iCal means I know where I’ve got to be at any given time. I haven’t missed a meeting yet (not that I did before of course!!)



Keeping abreast of my current affairs ICT and the different blogs I read has often been something which has taken a while, but this cool app has made keeping on top of my reading a breeze. Utilising Google Reader, I can sync all of my blogs and sites that I read regularly in to one easy to view place. Very tidy!



Finally, Omni Outliner


I have used this app probably more than any other this week. The Omni Outliner app is, simply put, a very clever piece of paper. I have used it to record meeting minutes, keep notes in meetings, keep notes in interviews…. Notes notes notes notes notes…. It’s awesome. It will feature in its own special blog post soon – a “How to organise your notes and meetings schedules in one easy to maintain document” type post. It is so simple and so clever, but more on that next time!


Thanks for reading.


Next time…..


  • Colleagues perceptions 
  • Team iPad
  • Omni Outliner tips!
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One Comment

  • Senor_Ward says:

    I’ve been using my IPad for Teaching for over a year. I have to recommend Teachers Attache, Google Documents for course work and Quick Office. These are amazing!

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