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Artificial Intelligence: The Biggest Threat to Teacher Autonomy?

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Over the last decade and a half, we've seen significant shifts in curriculum development, particularly influenced by figures such as Nick Gibb and Michael Gove. Their reforms placed considerable emphasis on prescribed curricula, which, as many have noted, has significantly diminished teacher autonomy. Now, with artificial intelligence (AI) are we…
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So What? So That… Tackling Bloom’s 2 Sigma Problem Through AI in Education

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In 1984, Benjamin Bloom's research brought to light a key educational insight with his 2 Sigma Problem. He discovered that students who received one-to-one tutoring performed significantly better than those in conventional classroom settings. This '2 Sigma' improvement highlighted the efficacy of personalised instruction. The challenge since then has been…
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Image of futuristic student using a device wearing headphones. The title of the post is embedded in the image - "Digital Citizenship has never been so important and here's why..."

Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship has never been so important, and here’s why…

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"Out of adversity comes opportunity" - Benjamin Franklin Ok, so having access to many AI-enhanced tools as an educator or a student doesn't sound like the worst nightmare ever. When we consider how technology can and does permeate our lives, never more has it been more important for educators and…
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