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VJAY app for iPad

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Ok, so apart from being really inspiring about what technology can do and perhaps for live mixing of tracks in a DJ style in Music lessons; and perhaps in Media lessons, or perhaps creating a video montage quickly and easily of Sports Day or a trip you’ve been on…..  and then of course, really showing off the massively brilliant multi touch environment on iPad…… Ok – so the new VJAY app by Algoriddim is simply awesome. If you love audio/video, have any interest in DJing or just want to have access to something which, if you look at the specific hardware equivalents on the market, eg the Pioneer DVJ-X1 then you’re looking at upwards of £1000. For an app which gives you access to two decks for the currently 1/2 price offer of £6.99 – get it while you can.

I produced this sample effort using the app within minutes of purchasing it. It’s intuitive, fun and I can see it having mass appeal. It takes the best features of their award winning DJAY app (which is also 1/2 price at the moment to celebrate the launch of VJAY) and adds in video.

Tracks: Levels – Avicii – Spinnin’ Records & Michael Woods ft Duvall – Last Day On Earth – Diffused Music

Video clips: Standard bank of vid clips that come with the app


Here’s a short intro to some of the features of the app. Apologies for some of the jitter/lag in the screencast (slow wifi at home) – that is why I didn’t do a full mix:

Mark Anderson

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