TESLabsLive, a write up

By | EdTech | One Comment

I was genuinely chuffed when Peps Mccrea asked me if I wanted to come along to the TESLabsLive event at TES Global, the headquarters for TES in London. The idea behind it was to help a variety of #edtech startups with the opportunity to talk with some teachers about their different…

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My iStick, a review

By | iPad | 3 Comments

I was contacted by MyiStick following my presentation at Liz Allton’s TeachMeet Solihull and a recommendation from Liz. Further to a conversation, they said they’d be happy to send me one of their iSticks. Now, if you haven’t heard of them, an iStick is a two way lightning to USB memory…

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The Power of the Visual for learning

By | EdTech | 11 Comments

Visuals are so powerful. Carl Hendrick wrote recently about motivational posters recently here and I tend to agree when they’re used out of context, however I think visualisations can be a great learning tool, particularly when students make them themselves. We can embed learning linked to numeracy in lots of…

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Thinglink in the classroom

By | EdTech | 5 Comments

A tool I’ve used many times in the classroom is Thinglink. I often forget how brilliant it is for lots of different purposes: shared curation of resources and research a place to put contextual links to different elements of a project a way to share learning a way to explain…

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