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Why you should be a tweeting school

By | ICT | 9 Comments

Twitter is not just for the teacher, or even the school department. Schools can gain lots from having their own whole school account. There are many ways in which you can use it too. From reporting on whole school issues, passing out messages about snow days and much more, there…

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Watch #AppShareLive EP5 LIVE here at 10am BST

By | ICT | One Comment

Morning and welcome. Taking part in the episode alongside me will be: Rachel Smith @lancslassrach Kyle Calderwood @KCalderw Sam McKavanagh @MrMcKavanaghRE Steve Bambury @Steve_Bambury Pamela Algie @Pamelamela Ali Carr @mrcarr84 You can watch #AppShareLive episode 5 live today by clicking the link below. The episode starts at 10am BST

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Adobe Post for stunning visuals

By | ICT | 2 Comments

I have to say, I really do love Adobe apps on my iPad and iPhone. One recent addition to their toolkit as mentioned in my post here ‘Social images create social engagement‘ is the fab little app, Adobe Post. Video source: https://post.adobe.com/ The app can be used in lots of different…

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All that glitters is not gold

By | ICT | 2 Comments

You know how it happens, you go on Twitter or you go to a Teachmeet; you get a new app or a new pedagogical idea for the classroom. You hear about or read a great blog post about a new pedagogical technique and know they would work a treat. You LOVE…

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Digital Leader Academy

By | Digital Leaders | 6 Comments

It’s no secret that I am a big advocate for student voice through the digital leader initiative. I’ve seen the initiative become such huge success stories for those schools that develop student digital leader groups. It was from this that I developed the digital leader academy to continue my work in…

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#AppShareLive EP4 with info on EP5

By | ICT | 2 Comments

#AppShareLive episode 4 took place on Saturday 12 March. Thanks so much to: Laurent Carlier Rachel Smith Laura Dickinson Cat Lamin Chris Copeman Nina Jackson John Hart …for sharing their fantastic ideas from the classroom. As with all of the #AppShareLive sessions, you can watch it again via YouTube –…

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Chrome Music Lab for Science, Music and more

By | Chrome | One Comment

Want to experiment with music? Teach the Physics of sound? Take a look at Chrome Music Lab. Freely available via https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com/ there are a number of tools there to help teach everything from rhythm to oscillation to soundwaves to spectograms and much more besides. As you can see from the above screenshot,…

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