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One iPad in the classroom tips & ideas (from teacher & student perspective)

By October 21, 2012March 26th, 20186 Comments
Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, @ICTEvangelist. Click here to learn more.


  • Neil Brown says:


    Thanks for that. Really useful apps. I’m going to play with video scribe and Air Presenter right now!



  • Michael O'Leary says:

    This presntation seemns to no longer be working. Is there an alternative link, I am intreested in seeing the presentation.



  • Luke says:

    Thanks Mark,
    A fantastic rundown of one iPad being used effectively in. Classroom and have taken away a couple of new Apps to have a play with and see how I could incorporate them into my lessons – Air Presenter and Video Scribe are downloading as I type.
    Just wondering how you recorded the iPad… Was it reflected onto your computer and screen captured that way?
    Again many thanks and have forwarded the link to all my colleagues as we are a one iPad per class school and the how we use the tool is something I believe we need to be constantly thinking about. Like you said it is to enhance a lesson.

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