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My keynote plenary for ‘Never Stop Learning’ event #TMNSL

By October 25, 20145 Comments

I was at Bristol Brunel Academy’s ‘Never Stop Learning’ event on Thursday evening this week and was delighted to have been asked by its organiser, Stephen O’Callaghan (check his blog here too) to wrap up the evening with a plenary. I did so with the following presentation and video.


The event was really good – lots of brilliant workshops which covered a wide variety of learning topics and phases and the other keynote from @learningspy David Didau who despite not being sure what his presentation was, managed to challenge the audience. With more than 150 people attending in the 8th week of a long term – the tired teachers left inspired and with a few prizes to boot!

Rory Gallagher @eddiekayshun / Crista Hazell @CristaHazell / Nina Jackson @musicmind



Duck or Rabbit?


The focus of the video at the end of my presentation looks at the power of sharing and the blossoming sharing community we have through Teachmeets. It was made using the free Plotagon app, the learning potential of which is pretty amazing – thanks to @musicmind for the heads up on that App!

Thanks to Mark Allen too who ended up needing to grab his train back to East Anglia – he had a lovely presentation about the power of IFTTT (If This, Then That) (read about IFTTT here) and gave a super example of using IFTTT to set up some super-sexy web automation to speed up the use of social networking by a school. He called it ‘ninja broadcasting’. With Mark needing to leave, he asked me to step up and do his presentation for him, which I did. Thanks Mark! Mark’s presentation, ‘The Sexiest Thing on the Internet’ is below:


Here’s my presentation which wrapped up the evening, thanked everyone and shared some teaching and learning ideas related to the use of technology.

PLENARY – Created with Haiku Deck


My huge thanks to Stephen for inviting me and to the team at Bristol Brunel Academy for asking me to be involved. I had a great evening of learning. I look forward to coming to the next one!

If you’re organising an event such as this and would like any help, please just get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, @ICTEvangelist. Click here to learn more.


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