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TeachMeet Clevedon 3

@kat_crocker talks about rocketing up your tutor group at #tmclevedon

By October 20, 2011No Comments

The lovely Kat Crocker spoke about rocketing up your tutor group. She spoke about top tips for tutor time and things that have worked well at Clevedon School…

– go vertical
– give them jobs to do
– get organised by tracking students carefully
– plan your time together, quality time

– predict the news: watch the news and then predict what the news will be on the Friday, allows time to be used mentoring other students while rest of group do activity.
– Brainpopuk: daily video, links to lots of other curriculum areas
– Sporcle: quizzes can be made by students or completed by the whole tutor group by guessing particular words for a variety of categories

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