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Five #ChatGPT prompts to help Primary school teachers

By January 16, 2023No Comments

If you haven’t come across #ChatGPT yet, then what rock have you been hiding under? Every social media platform, news outlet, magazine, blog, podcast and vlog is talking about it. The opportunities provided by #ChatGPT are huge. I talked about it here in this recent post: Will AI Make Us Lazy and Less Creative?

I really enjoyed Sara Dietschy’s recent vlog on the topic:

…and in keeping with the thinking around #ChatGPT, I used it to help me consider what prompts to suggest on today’s #FiveWaysEdu posts. As Geoff Barton explains in his recent TES article (thanks again Jill Berry for spotlighting that!) the tool is far from perfect.

As I have been sharing in my recent training sessions and Insets:

#ChatGPT is a great starter for ten

And so with a bit of help but with some refinement from me, here is today’s #FiveWaysEdu infographic featuring five prompts to help primary school teachers:

Mark Anderson

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