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Exit tickets and ‘keep, grow, change’ templates

By March 1, 2014August 13th, 20173 Comments

One of the things that I like to do with my classes involves giving them an exit ticket at the end of the lesson. You can use exit tickets for a variety of uses:

  • Students creating their own learning outcomes for next lesson
  • Setting targets for their next lesson
  • Highlighting their best learning moment in the lesson
  • Writing questions – swapping them with another student. Answer it, and that’s your ticket.
  • Summarise learning in 5 sentences, then 5 words, then one… that’s your ticket
  • Draw learning from the lesson. When another student guesses it – that’s your ticket.
  • Write your learning in one word. Play charades until another person guesses it. That’s your ticket.
  • Take turns to write one word on the ticket and pass it round. When it’s complete, that’s your ticket…

You can do exit tickets electronically in other ways too using Socrative. I’ve blogged about Socrative before so won’t go in to any more detail here.

Something else I like to do to is use something I inherited from my time at Clevedon (I think from @thelazyteacher) but it could have been someone else, is a thing called ‘Keep, Grow, Change’. I’ve used it in many ways, particularly in review of my classes, units of work and when querying students about the work of the whole department. It basically works on this premise. What do you want to keep? What do you want to change? What do you want to grow? You can use this in lessons too:

Keep, Grow, Change

 ‘Canva‘ is fab for simply making graphics with great libraries and tools to support your creations.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 20.36.00

To that end, I created an exit ticket template and ‘Keep, Grow, Change’ templates on there too. To make things even easier for printing I added them in to a Word document, spaced them up nicely for easy chopping, converted to PDF and you are very welcome to use them from below should you wish. I haven’t branded them so that they’re just nice and easy to use in any class. Just remember CC if you could please.

Change This – tickets Exit_Ticket_template Grow This – tickets Keep This – tickets

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