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Classcharts review

By February 2, 20143 Comments

Seating plans are a real help in the classroom. They help you to map out your learners around the room, help with differentiation, allow you to build in support and extension structures to your classroom and much much more.

In a recent sharing session at work, a colleague of mine shared a hand drawn version of her seating plan with a variety of extra data on it; VG data, current levels, so forth and so on. Me being me, I had an ICT solution that I’d been using for a while and I really quite like it. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m a massive fan of ClassDojo but Class Charts offers you a fair few options that ClassDojo currently doesn’t. The ability to place your students in the room as the seating plan. With Class Charts you can upload a spreadsheet with your class data and then apply the student data to the classroom layout that you have applied. It also has a random pupil picker, reward system for adding / subtracting positive/negative behaviour points. There’s a lot to like.

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 15.48.29

For my point, the seating maps really do suit a wide classroom style – my current classroom map is one which means that the view doesn’t look quite as nice as the one below and so it’s not as maleable as I would like. I mentioned this to the developers a fair while ago and nothing seems to have changed; but apart from this ongoing pain, there are lots of things that make this something that you might want to investigate further.

If you go for the paid for version, you can also integrate the solution with your MIS and have it update automatically with your MIS data.

If you’d like some help getting started, why not check this short video I’ve made to help you get going:

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