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Apple launch new iPad ‘Apps for Teachers’ section

By October 5, 201315 Comments

Further recognition of the massive adoption of iPad by so many schools around the world, Apple have just launched two new sections on their iPad App Store. One section is aimed at teachers and parents with apps for the children, broken down in to different age groups and learning activities. 

The other section is aimed at teachers in the classroom and apps they can use for their own teaching, also broken down in to different sections such as productivity, time savers, essentials, reference etc. There are certainly some great choices in there, some I hadn’t heard of, although some I thought that should have been in there aren’t such as Google Drive… No surprises there!

Either way it’s definitely worth a gander, even if for the free ones you won’t have heard of…..

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, @ICTEvangelist. Click here to learn more.