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Add a hyperlink!

By May 6, 2018No Comments

There are so many different ways to be productive when using a keyboard and typing into your computer. One of the best ways to be efficient is to make use of shortcut keys. I saw a great little video this week on LinkedIn showcasing some great shortcuts in Excel, for example…


In my experience, you tend to remember the shortcuts that you use the most. For example, many know that if you highlight some text and press Ctrl (Windows) or CMD (Mac) and press B it will make that text bold, or similarly if you change the letter for I it does italics, U does underline, etc. One of my favourite shortcuts using the same type of combination is CTRL or CMD plus K.

CTRL/CMD + K will enable you to add a hyperlink straight into your work. It is a shortcut that works in Microsoft Word, Excel, Pages, Google Docs, WordPress and many more. Like the standard B, I and U options for bold, italics and underline, K for hyperlink is another which is common to most popular text-based tools.


Using the hyperlink shortcut in Google Docs


Whilst I find that CTRL/CMD + K useful in almost all programs I use for writing, I find it most useful in Google Docs and in WordPress. As you can see in the image above, when you press CTRL + K to insert a hyperlink, you get a box where you could just paste in a pre-copied link (CTRL/CMD + C to copy, CTRL/CMD + V to paste). What is great about the Google Docs version is that you can do a Google search direct from within the link box that comes up. It even searches your Google Drive for you. As you can see from the example above not only does the search for ‘hyperlink’ bring up two relevant wikipedia entries but it also found a Google Slides presentation found on my Drive. How handy is that!?

You can also do a similar thing in WordPress where you can use search terms to search your posts and pages to link directly to them within your text. It’s how I put in the hyperlink below in the summary.



Get using shortcuts. They’re easy to use, helpful and are things that when used regularly can cumulatively save you time over time. If you want to find out what my absolute favourite shortcut is, then check out this post here.

I hope you’ve found this useful!

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, @ICTEvangelist. Click here to learn more.

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