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The best keyboard shortcut, ever

By January 2, 2017No Comments

I love keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl + B, you name it, I’m a fan. I wrote a post about the best keyboard shortcut ever a while ago where I said that Ctrl + A (or CMD + A on a Mac) was the best shortcut ever. I have to admit it’s a good one but I’m going to share one with you now that not only will a life-saver for you at some point in the future but may well help you in the classroom or at home with your own children too. Are you ready for it?



As you know, most browsers are tab-based these days. Whether you’re a Chrome, Safari, Mosaic or Netscape (ok, maybe not Mosaic or Netscape) user there will be times where you will shut down a tab and you wish you hadn’t.

Enter Ctrl + Shift + T (or if on a Mac CMD + Shift + T)

That’s right. This simple shortcut will reopen your last closed tab for you so you can go back from whence you came!

Why not try the shortcut again and bring back the tab you closed before that one too. Get it? I love it. It has saved many an annoyance on many occasion. It’s also proved helpful in the classroom too. Ever have a student close a tab by mistake? This neat little trick will help make you a legend. Additionally, if you have one of those troublesome types in your class who thinks they can get away with playing a game in your lesson but close it when you get close, try it out then too. It is awesome.



Mark Anderson

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