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With only two more days of the #24DaysOfAI #Appvent calendar, day 22 reveals a great Chrome extension that helps make the most of video content on YouTube

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Welcome to day twenty-two of the 2023 Appvent calendar where today we will focus on YouTube Summary (with ChatGPT extension).

AI tool of the day:

YouTube Summary makes it incredibly easy to produce a concise summary of any content within YouTube videos.  

Educational Benefits: 

This tool could be very useful for any students and teachers who work with YouTube videos.  So much time is spent scrolling through videos and pausing to take notes or write questions.  The ability to have this process automated can be a valuable time-saver!  

Practical Application: 

Getting started with YouTube Summary is relatively quick and easy.  Firstly, a ChatGPT account is required which you can sign up to for free (ChatGPT 3.5).  Then search for YouTube Summary (from in the Google Chrome Web Store as shown in the screenshot below.  

Once installed, locate an educational video on YouTube.  On the side of the screen, you will see Transcript & Summary.  If you click this the entire video will be transcribed right away (providing it is under the limit). With a click of a button you can then open it in ChatGPT and by scrolling below the full transcript, you will see a concise summary in bullet point form.  

As you are now in ChatGPT you can enter further prompts to create a list of comprehension questions.  

Considerations and Tips: 

If you click on User Settings you can customise the prompt used to generate the summary.  For example, you might wish to have the video summarised in 10 bullet points rather than the default 5 bullet points.   

As is the case for all AI tools, any generated content should be checked for bias and accuracy. 

If you are planning to use YouTube Summary in your setting it is important to discuss this with your data protection officer. 

Learn more about YouTube Summary by visiting their website here or follow on Twitter/X here

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