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Vertical tutoring #nextsteps

By September 4, 2011One Comment

I’ve always felt very lucky to work where I do. It is a forward thinking school and the colleagues I have always give 110% to the students, as do the Governors, of which I am one. My job is a privilege and I love it.

5 years ago, our SLT decided to move over to a Vertical tutoring system and I have to say, it’s been an overwhelming success. Despite some trepidation to start with both from some staff and students, none of us would have it any other way now. Seeing my Year 11 tutees looking out for Year 7 tutees in the playground and the sense of family and community that resides in both my tutor group and within my House is something that fills me with great pride.

This mindmap shows a bit of where I think I am currently, and some ideas about where I would like to go (more below too)

Due to me feeling so passionately about this area of my work, at the start of this new year I wanted to invigorate my work with my tutor group; to engage them even more with new activities and even more engagement. Here are some of the ideas I’ve come up with and collated with some help from my PLN (special thanks to @moreolives)

Tutees create a music video involving all students (and other students / teachers from their House) e.g. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes: e.g.

Here are some of the activities and ideas that I would like to carry forward and work with in the new academic year with my tutor group:

  • Tutor group blog
  • Blog reps / managers
  • Blog story collectors / journalists
  • Quad blogging using above blog
  • Tutor group quizzes using Microsoft Mouse Mischief
  • Create a tutor group motto, e.g. Garde Ta Foy (although perhaps not so pompous as that!)
  • Leadership skills tutorials by Y11’s for otherĀ  years
  • Option choice mentoring for Y9’s (by Y10/11’s)
  • Music video incorporating tutees, other house members (staff & students) – as per example above
  • More use of iPads for collaborative activities
  • Tutor group logo
  • Monthly update
  • Increased responsibility

I’ve got a few more ideas rattling around in my head, but will leave the list like that for now. It will be good to check back at this blog in a years time and see how many of these ideas worked, what more I did and how much of it was successful. I’d love to hear if you’ve got any ideas for how I can further develop the group.



Mark Anderson

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