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The Post-it App for enhancing learning

By September 28, 20145 Comments

It is the case that many classes don’t have access to things such as one-to-one iPads or even bring your own device. You may even be a teacher who make students but their phones away every single lesson. That’s fine. If that’s how you work. You know better than I what works in your classroom, in your school, with your students. Technology however can support and enhance learning in lots of different ways.

An analogue tool that many people use in the classroom to support and enhance learning is the humble Post-it note. One thing that I often find frustrating in using these in my lessons is recording the learning that takes place on them come the end of the lesson. As someone who tries to use technology to make my life easier a simple photograph is great but it isn’t as good as it could be. Enter the new Post-it App from 3M.

This App not only lets you take a big picture of your Post-its that you have stuck on your wall, you can take pictures of multiple projects and put them all together onto a board which is then shareable in lots of different ways.


So ‘how is that helping to enhance learning then’ I hear you cry? Well imagine what happens when the student is at home trying to recapture their learning the lesson, or trying to revise the topic in the future three months down the line, or wanting to write an essay on a topic and only having access to their own notes… If you as teacher can make use of this and then save and share the notes to the class on your VLE, Edmodo or other method you like to use, for example through your Google apps for education set up; this is a great way of capturing learning in a lesson and then sharing it. In that way, you are making use of technology in a way which is transformational not just substitutional.

To help you get used to using the App I have created a short screencast on how you use the App and how you might want to use it in your classrooms.

I’d love to hear more about how you use analog methods linked to digital methods in your classroom. Please share in the comments section below. Thanks!

FYI – I made the screencast on my iPhone using the brilliant free ‘Shadow Puppet Edu’ App available here:

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, @ICTEvangelist. Click here to learn more.