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Testing ‘CoverItLive’

By April 27, 2012No Comments

So this coming Thursday, TeachMeet Clevedon is taking place (if you hadn’t noticed! One application I’ve been looking to examine for some time is ‘CoverItLive’ – I’ve heard great things about it from the likes of @CheriseDuxbury and @JamiePortman on his great post on the app/topic here with some fab ideas. I thought I had to try it out for TeachMeet this coming week. This is my trial and as you can see it works really well! You can put images and posts up yourself either using the online client software or one of the different mobile apps they provide. It will also pick up hashtags in the timeframe that the event is happening too and drop them in. There are options galore.

I’m definitely going to be using it for #TMClevedon on Thursday.

An updated version of the ‘CoverItLive’ below will appear both on my blog and on the wiki.

Videos of the various presentations will appear shortly after they have occurred here: 

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, @ICTEvangelist. Click here to learn more.

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