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Teachers new (academic) year resolutions…

By August 21, 2017No Comments

We all do it. The start of a new academic year, particularly if you’re starting a role in a new school, is a chance for everyone to wipe the slate clean. Get their house in order. Plan for things to go better this year. Prepare ourselves for new curricula or innovations in our classroom. Invariably, at the start of a new academic year I would always give myself a few targets and so in this tongue-in-cheek post I thought I’d share some targets for the forthcoming year; ones that I would often set myself, but then struggle to achieve. If any of these resonate with you, why not tweet them!


  1. To not leave planning until the day before term starts
  2. Read educational books
  3. Start using Twitter / stop using Twitter so much
  4. Start a blog
  5. Stay on top of my marking
  6. Agree to organise another residential
  7. Organise a TeachMeet
  8. Go to the gym
  9. Find time for me
  10. Keep up with the payments for coffee and tea in the staffroom
  11. Actually make it to the staffroom every day to enjoy the coffee and tea I’m paying for
  12. Sign up to staff sports every Friday
  13. Not be the last person in school most days
  14. Not be the first person in school every day
  15. Renew those wall displays from 3 years ago I didn’t get around to renewing last year
  16. Get broken chairs in classroom fixed
  17. Clean the whiteboard properly
  18. Be more organised
  19. Set up a new club
  20. Get a promotion
  21. Get folders for every child I teach and label each one and make sure they’re used
  22. Avoid Tesco so I don’t end up buying 5 x 24 pack of coloured Sharpies
  23. Start using my iPad more
  24. Not miss a single meeting

Of course, knowing the pitfalls is really helpful. Actually, if you’ve set targets like the above before, how can we learn so that we don’t make the same mistakes again.

Are there any new academic year resolutions that you give yourself? I’d love for you to add them into the comments section below so we can read what yours are.

Happy new year!


Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, @ICTEvangelist. Click here to learn more.

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