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The power of YouTube in the classroom

By August 27, 20142 Comments

What’s that? Your school bans YouTube? It shouldn’t really, should it? Not when there are so many potential uses.

YouTube brings the power of video and audio to your classroom and for those of you worried about the videos and comments, there are lots of ways to make the videos safer. For example, if you don’t want comments to show, why not embed the video as I’ve done below.

You can do other things when embedding too, such as remove linked videos from the end. Just untick the box when you choose the ’embed’ option on YouTube:

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 15.23.25

You can even get automated transcripts of videos for those students who might need them:


Think too – it’s not just the videos that are there or that you can upload yourself. You can use the videos elsewhere and not just on your blog. Tools such as Educanon can be used to quiz your students and test their knowledge based upon their learning.

YouTube videos can be embedded within Google presentations and documents too.

Here are just some things you could use YouTube for:

  • Explanations
  • Introductions to topics
  • Music in the classroom
  • Sharing of learning with parents
  • Sharing of learning with students
  • Learning playlists
  • Flipping the classroom

How are you using it?

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