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TeachMeet Clevedon 3

@noeljenkins from juicygeography talks about using Posterous as a homework tool @ #tmclevedon

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Posterous vs. Homework

Noel spoke about how following how his daughter uses social networking has allowed him to learn a lot about how he can use social networking for his students.

Posterous can allow you to create an online course for your subject, everything in one place! The students can set up their own Posterous to share their learning and take responsibility for everything that goes on there. Noel described how the teacher can then subscribe to the Posterous accounts, receiving mail when another post has been made. A like button can aid marking of work as well as sharing this with other people if it is particularly good.

Noel added that this method means a lower level of homework marking and that this has inspired lower ability students to interact with the technology and get involved with learning outside of school.

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