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Moles – using Puppet Pals HD & iMovie together

By January 17, 20124 Comments

You may have read about the use of the two amazing apps Puppet Pals HD and iMovie in the classroom. These great apps (Puppet Pals HD basic is free, £1.99 for the Directors Pass which gives you some cool features such as using your own backgrounds – iMovie is £2.99) are great working in isolation. Using them together though can bring some even better results.

In a recent lesson, students were exploring Moles in Chemistry (let me say right here, I’m no Chemist!) and I asked them to help students better understand the topic to make a videocast on the topic. Rather than just making the video/animation in Puppet Pals HD, once the students had created the animation and rendered out the video, then put the finished video file in to iMovie from the Camera roll to add notations/text cues over the top to support what was being said.

Once again, I think, showing how apps on the iPad don’t work in isolation, allow work flow and can produce a pretty cool result.

What do you think?

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