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Mark Anderson – Last but not least…

By March 9, 2011No Comments

Mark introduced Scribd and The Little Book of ICT Ideas he has published using this. In addition, he talked about an alternative to wordle – Words can be uploaded online and moved into shapes, words are made bigger according to importance. Why not copy and paste a topic’s key words? Or the whole script from a play you are studying? These pictures can be stored online and accessed as a live interactive document. Words can be clicked on and it will be searched for within Google. 

Here is an example for Romeo & Juliet:

In addition, Mark mentioned ‘Under Ten Minutes’ ( which has various video tutorials showing how to use lots of different online tools – with footage of benefits given in terms of classroom practice. 


SlideRocket –  a presentation tool that makes it easy to embed youtube videos, pictures, charts and twitter feeds. Check this out at 

A presentation featuring some of the features can be found here

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, @ICTEvangelist. Click here to learn more.

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