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iPad in schools 101 – in the beginning

By November 16, 2012No Comments

Where to begin?

I love evidence and certainly the chart below starts a compelling conversation about how we are going to use technology in education in the future. If we are looking in to how we are going to equip our young people with the digital skills they are going to need as they grow up, evidence clearly shows us we should be looking to not only give students learning opportunities with traditional desktop methods, but we should also definitely be looking at how mobile learning and mobile devices can be used.


I was lucky enough to hear Fraser Speirs speak recently at an Apple iPad event. He put it quite simply in the context of his daughter who is currently 4. When she is at an age when she finally finishes University, is she more or less likely to be using technology? Is technology going to be used less than it is today? The answers speak for themselves. We, therefore, as responsible managers in education, need to be giving our students the best opportunities to support learning. It’s so important that in our global job market where “92% of the Fortune 500 companies are testing or deploying iPad” and companies such as Marks & Spencer, Ducati, Magic Circle law firms, so forth are doing so too, we should be giving students these opportunities as well.

Mark Anderson

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