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Introductory keynote from #educationfest2011 | ANTHONY SELDON

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From Evernote:

Introductory keynote | ANTHONY SELDON


Chapel Gilbert Scott architecture
What is the purpose of education?
Govt need to address the issue

6 ways to change educational model. Move it forward.

What’s wrong? Forget mission statements. Reality is schools are just about exam success.

1. Change to genuine learning. Middle years is international bacc. Constant assessment. When assessed every day you learn every day. Wider hoops. Choice. Teacher chooses syllabus. Learning is about developing the learner.

2. Harkness model. Student chair in the lesson. Tables oval. Rather than telling answer, pass on responsibility to students. In oval no one in dominant position.

3. Teach philosophy.

4. Partnership. Locality. Parents. Lifelong learning. Offering evening classes. Model learning forever.

5. Holistic education. Opening hearts and minds. 8 aptitudes. Eg remote learning. 8…. Logic linguistic. Spiritual moral. Etc teaching happiness.

Play to strengths
Control of life
Lifelong learning
Savouring families
Creativities and hobbies at centre of life

Put individual child at heart of education.

Should all be teaching leadership. Confidence in self and abilities. Y9 compulsory leadership programme. Learn how to lead yourself.

Teaches leadership. Growth. Development.

Internationalism. Mandarin. Enter kids for competitions.


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