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Freaked Out??!!

By October 5, 2014One Comment

With my interests in technology, when I heard that Simon Pridham was writing the long awaited ‘Freaked Out‘ book for Crown House I was eager to find out what he had to say. As someone who has been on a similar journey with using mobile technology albeit in a Primary school as opposed to Secondary I wondered what the differences, if any, there would be in his thinking and experience. He had asked me for input in a few areas too so I was obviously eager too to see how and where I featured if at all.



As it turns out our thoughts are very much aligned. What Pridham has done in this book is taken on the ideas of those teachers brand new to mobile learning and created a book which holds your hand through all of the basics of introducing, using and implementing mobile learning in to your classroom or school, irrespective of phase. Covering topics such as digital leaders, blogging, iPad basics, ¬†use of QR codes, collaboration, mirroring, sharing work and more – Pridham has done what he set out to do – create a book which I feel will be of huge¬†benefit to those who might be a little ‘freaked out’ at the prospect that bringing new technology in to the classroom may bring.

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, @ICTEvangelist. Click here to learn more.

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