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Digital Leader Network Learn Live session

By February 12, 2013No Comments

It was a great feeling when I got the email through saying that my proposal to BETT had been accepted for us to talk about Digital Leaders at BETT this year. I was hopeful we’d get a slot, but wasn’t sure. As soon as I found out we’d been accepted, I was straight in touch with Sheli. As things were, the Digital Leader takeover was taking shape at BETT and if you check you’ll see the huge number of events that took place of the course of the event that involved Digital Leaders. It was fantastic.

In the weeks in the run up to BETT, liaison with Sheli and Chris Sharples (@gr8ICT) saw us collaborate on a presentation for us to deliver at the Learn Live theatre (below). Following some rather croaky presentation from me with a head cold, and brilliance from Sheli, Chris and his Digital Leaders that he brought from York to London, really stole the show. They were superb.


What was particularly pleasing / rewarding, was the number of conversations that took place afterwards; both face to face and via Twitter, where people were saying that following our talk, they would be looking to start up their own Digital Leader schemes.

If you’d like to find out more about Digital Leaders, please get in touch, visit or join in with #DLChat on Twitter, every Thursday at 9pm GMT. I wrote a bit more about the experience on the DLN site here too if you’d like to check it out:


Mark Anderson

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