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TeachMeet Clevedon 3

David Didau (@learningspy) talks @ #tmclevedon about the ‘Learning Loop’

By October 20, 2011One Comment

David talked about a SoL called the Learning Loop which has been created at Priory Community School in Weston-Super-Mare. He added that we want students to think but this can be very hard at times. In order to perform complex tasks we use memory and therefore, students need to learn how to think.

David showed a visual of the learning loop, starting at self assessment with PLTS and mind sets to looking at observations and feedback with the students themselves and reviewing what they have done. This loop is then done about 6 times so they learn to know how to think the way they need to.

David added that the Belbin test can be used to look at skills and qualities of students by them completing a quiz. In addition, it was said that sometimes students need to learn to fail and being given impossible tasks allowed for this to happen, as well as taking away teacher direction and help by the teacher taking on a different role within the classroom. Students must take some value from losing or not being able to complete something. It is the process that is important and they must realise what they’ve learnt in having that happen.



Here is his presentation:

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