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TeachMeet Clevedon 3

@edubaker talks about Posterous and @ #tmclevedon

By October 20, 2011No Comments

A PE and IT teacher from John Cabot Academy from Bristol. He commented that there was so much information around that it was sometimes difficult to know how to communicate this to staff.

Chris added that Posterous was a great way, and a free way, to post ideas all to one place by just emailing comments, pictures or videos straight to an email address which then goes straight to the Posterous blog. Chris has seen this used in PE when wanting to post match results quickly.

Posterous can also be linked to which can help you to make your own online newspaper, collecting your most popular twitter comments and links which are then fed out to people in a ‘Daily’ style document. Due to the fact it keeps a standard URL it means that just one link could be used on a website to link to all the latest news from your school.

What a great idea!

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, @ICTEvangelist. Click here to learn more.

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